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“I don't know what I would have done without the hand analysis and Jyotish consultations I had with you before, during and after my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I had so much advice coming at me during that time, and your kind and professional assistance, which was focused on my very individual needs and situation pointed me in the right direction toward healing in body and mind. Without your support the decisions I had to make at the time would have been much more difficult to make and to live with. Thank you for bringing so much light and healing into the world with so much love, skill and kindness.”
– Mary M. California
“When you sit with Steven and explore a horoscope, the Planets, Rashis and Nakshatras begin to dance off the page. Through Steven they speak to you as the live entities they truly are. Jyotish is a sacred language of India and Steven Highburger speaks it fluently. He may begin with a precise and detailed analysis and before you know it you are dancing in the personality and spirit of the horoscope. He brings a horoscope to life. As a Jyotishi he brings meaning, vision, compassion and understanding to the lives of his clients. As a teacher he is generous, dedicated, inspiring, articulate and learned. I write this with immense gratitude for all that he has taught me and how this has enriched my life. ”
– Dean L. Wisconsin

“Steven Highburger is an incredibly insightful astrologer. His approach is compassionate and professional and his knowledge of Jyotish is formidable. He can equally proficiently address life transitions, career and relationship issues. Steven is both intuitive and practical in providing his clients with information to help navigate life's reversals and opportunities. His commitment to his own spiritual path shines through in his work and inspires greater self-awareness in others.”
-Jennifer R. Arizona
“I highly recommend Steven as a teacher and as a Jyotishi. I've taken two courses with him--one covering horoscope rectification and the other birth psychology and trauma. The principles I learned in these courses have proven to be invaluable. I've used them again and again with excellent results.

In addition, the kind and generous guidance Steven has given me as a private jyotish client has changed my relationship to my life and to the circumstances of my life one hundred percent! I appreciate his sharp, focused mind and that his skillful and accurate interpretations are based in expertise grounded in traditional study of shastra. I am grateful that I have access to Steven and his teaching and I look forward to learning more from him in the future”.

–Tara K. California
“Steven is a very insightful Vedic astrologer. He has imbibed the knowledge from the ancient texts and from his 14 years of studies with Hart deFouw. He translates his wisdom into profound readings which delve deep into a person’s personality traits and motivations. He’s able to offer practical advice and accurate predictions on a variety of personal topics. His astrology classes shed deeper insight into topics and offer an array of applications to an individual’s life.”
–Madhavi R. California
“Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the session on Saturday. It was very helpful for me, and, on a meta-level, I was really impressed with how you handled the material, your generosity with the information, and, of course, your Jyotishical skill. It seemed to me that you're at a very different level than when I saw you last for a reading. Sessions with you have always been great, but it's obvious that you're growing and evolving and getting better and better. All of these long years studying at the feet of the master are evident.”
–Anastacia K. California
“Dear Steven, that was truly an amazing course, thanks to your brilliant teaching and Hart passing on his invaluable information and all the work you have obviously done to thoroughly understand the subject. You handled us all with simple clarity and gentle humour that kept us all on track. It was a feast of ideas that work on many levels.”
–Sandra B Australia
“Hi Steven, just wanted to write you a note and let you know how much i appreciate your input into my life. Thank you! I believe several of the things you said to me in our last meeting were VITAL in getting me through the last month in relative safety. Thank you!”
–R.R. California