Sleep At Last – Where do I Sleep?

It seems every time I teach a class on Vastu a burning question always comes up: where should my bed be? Which direction should I sleep in order to be happiest and finally get the rest I need? Or why I am not sleeping well in my new place?

It seems a simple question, but the response that you will get varies according to who is answering. It depends on how someone is approaching the question. The answer that I give is one that is based in the fundamentals of Vastu which are oriented on the north-south and east west axis of the earth and its energetics, which you can read more on here.

Because the earth spins on its axis we look towards the rising and setting sun, which is our east-west orientation. It is the rising sun that all life on the earth follow, even plants turn to meet the warmth of the sun. The earth’s axis is a magnetic pole of north-south that helps us all navigate the planet and is akin to the spine in our body. The north is ‘up’ because we associate that with our head and south is ‘down’ because it is an opposing force.

The meeting point of the these two vital directions is the northeast direction and it is said to be the most important for all life and is therefore seen as the most auspicious. It is akin to a ‘source’ point from which Prana arrives and infuses any area or building or room. Because it is a portal of energy, of vital force, it needs an opposite pole which can hold, or ground the Prana and make it stable. The southwest corner of any area or room serves this function. It is the southwest direction that is associated with the Earth element and should be solid in any building to ‘ground’ the Prana and hold its power of life.

It is ideal to sleep in the South or West…and to orient your head to the South or the West

Therefore it is ideal to sleep in the south or west area of any location and to orient the head to the South or the West. Yes, that will mean that the feet will be facing the north or the east. Some will say that the feet should not be to the rising sun, which is true in one way, but grounding the mind/body so that Tamas, or the force of unconsciousness, can take over and allow the miracle of sleep’s rejuvenation is vital and more important. The southwest is the area of Tamas and this is the place that we want allow it happen, naturally, easily for the best night sleep that we can get!



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