Please see my New Client Info page and read about a comprehensive natal reading and then go to the Book A Session page for the practical steps to get your appointment set up!
All I need is your birth date/time/place and the practical info you supply when you book your session. If long distance, I will need a photo of you and few of your hands taken in sunlight, without a flash, and sent as attachment vi email.
That is not necessary, but it is up to you. If you feel you want to send those to me before our session please feel free to e-mail me.
Yes, it is very important–-do everything you can to get a documented birth time–birth certificate is best, or hospital record, baby book etc…
In person is best, as it is more personal and I have direct access to your hands. However, with digital photos sent to me, a telephone consultation is still very effective and I do sessions for people from all over the world like this.
You need not do anything. I will speak in clear, everyday language and exclude all jargon and technical language. However, I might suggest you sit and contemplate what is most important to you and what is really at the core of your questions or confusions if there are any.
At this time I am not recording sessions.If you want to record it I am OK with that, BUT you must promise that this recording is for your personal use ONLY and will not be distributed to others via email or social media, etc…
Yes, I often do sessions with parents for their children and for someone who wants to look at their loved ones/relatives. However, for adults we must have permission to look at someone else’s chart.
You can either give your friend or relative my contact/web info or you can contact me and I would be happy to let them know they have a gift session available!

It depends on your needs. If you have ongoing issues you might consult more often until it passes. For many business clients I consult with them for the duration of a project, or as a consultant on calls, etc…

Most of my clients return for an annual update. Many have made a habit of coming back around their birthday as a gift to themselves! 🙂

I set many dates for the auspicious starts of businesses, marriages, travel, contracts, home sales, moves etc… please see the Booking page for more on Muhūrta.
I give personal one-on-one instruction and classes–please see my Classes and Tutoring page for more info.