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I am presently offering 3 years of study divided up into 6 semesters/levels

Each level is progressive and to study in my 2nd year program you need to have taken my 1st year program, or you are a verified advanced student.

I start a new Level 1 Course each January.

Courses run as academic semesters: Jan-May and Aug-Dec

Courses meet once weekly, usually 5-7pm PT

Level 1 Course Jan 2021

Private Tutoring

I offer one-on-one private instruction in Vedic Astrology – Jyotisha, Hasta Sāmudrika – Palmistry and beginning Sanskrit.

$90 hour

Add $30 for an additional person.

Vedic Traditions were always meant to be taught one-on-one whenever possible. Most students find that their studies and comprehension accelerate tremendously with private instruction.

Previous Classes and Lectures

November 2020

October 2019

Hasta 1: Vedic Palmistry

Where would we be without ours hands? I like to say, "Hands are like faces, the more of them you look at, the more they reveal". Our hands can show so much about who we [...]

May 2019

Tajika Prashna

Tājika Prashna is a unique form of Indian astrology that is heavily flavored with Persian influences. The exchange of knowledge between the three great civilizations gave Tājika a mix of Greek/Persian/Indian concepts, which turned into [...]

February 2019

Prashna 2 – Unveiling The Moment

In Prashna 2 we will continue our journey into the vast world of Prashna. This course will pick up where the last one ended by solidifying the techniques given previously and using new techniques to [...]

January 2018

August 2018

Prashna – Unveiling The Moment

Prashna is the art of unfolding the meaning of the moment of a question, or situation, via Vedic Astrology. Information and answers can be derived without the need of a natal birth chart. Called Horary [...]

Karma, Destiny and Jyotisha

An Introduction to Vedic Astrology and the Mysteries of Karma Jyotisha, or Vedic Astrology, is the astrology of India and is an ancient oral tradition which has been passed from teacher to student for centuries. [...]

April 2017

Vedic Astrology Level 2

May 19th-21st & June 9th-11th This Level 2 course will pick up where we left off in Level 1 - leaning practical and easily applicable methods for chart interpretation. Level 2 will give you a [...]

Vedic Astrology Level 1

Dec/Jan 2016-17 - Vedic Astrology Level 1  is a six-day course designed to be a thorough and yet fast moving introduction to this age-old Vidya. This will get you reading charts with accuracy faster than [...]

January 2016

Vedic Compatibility and Relationships

~ Open to anyone with a basic working knowledge of Vedic Astrology ~ Life is relationship. We are always relating. How we relate, and with whom, determines whether we feel happy, healthy and free or [...]

April 2015

Vedic Psychology and Jyotisha

Open to anyone with a basic working knowledge of Vedic Astrology There is no other culture in the world that compares to the Vedic tradition when it comes to understanding the mind and consciousness. [...]

Predict The Year Ahead

Varṣa-phala is a fantastic north Indian Tājika Jyotiṣa technique designed to aid in the ability to predict the coming calendar year(s). Varṣa-phala is a type of advanced Gocara methodology based on a chart cast for [...]

Advanced Course
Saturn: The Great Slow Walker

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of Saturn in a horoscope. The Great Slow Walker is the great symbol of karma and as our illustrious guru Mantriji once said: “if you understand what is doing [...]

Advanced Course
Gocara follow-up and Shani

In this weekend we will first review and develop how Saturn’s transit through the houses is a goldmine of information when reading a horoscope. For those who did not take the last course I will [...]

Gocara: Planetary Transits

Just like the mind, the planets will always remain in motion! However, interpretation of the ongoing movements of the heavens in relation to a birth chart is something that can seem simple, and yet when [...]

Rāhu-Ketu: Shadows and Light

Rāhu-Ketu are the invisible lunar nodes, and even though they have no physical mass, produce tremendously powerful results in a horoscope. Join me for a closer look at these mysterious and elusive grahas who [...]

Śāstra Studies and More! – Part 3

The famous “Wednesday Nights” class material as taught by Hart deFouw…over a period of a couple of years Hartji taught weekly many principles which have proven to be pure gold for most of us. [...]