Sleep At Last – Where do I Sleep?

It seems every time I teach a class on Vastu a burning question always comes up: where should my bed be? Which direction should I sleep in order to be happiest and finally get the rest I need? Or why I am not sleeping well in my new place? It seems a simple question, but the response that you will get varies according to who is answering. It depends on how someone is approaching the [...]

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A Conversation with Steven Highburger

A Conversation with Steven Highburger (From Jyotish Star e-magazine 2014) Charlotte:  Thanks, Steven, for taking the time to offer our readers some insights into your very interesting life, as a practitioner of multiple Vedic sciences.  You have an extremely impressive and comprehensive resume. How did you get started on this amazing and unusual path?  Which teachers are the most important influence in your life? Steven: An unusual path indeed! My journey began by traveling around [...]

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