Sleep At Last – Where do I Sleep?

It seems every time I teach a class on Vastu a burning question always comes up: where should my bed be? Which direction should I sleep in order to be happiest and finally get the rest I need? Or why I am not sleeping well in my new place? It seems a simple question, but the response that you will get varies according to who is answering. It depends on how someone is approaching the [...]

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The Origin of Numbers and Consciousness

Did you know that the concept of counting from 1 to 10, which seems so natural and universal, did not exist in most of the world until modern times? Stop for a moment and try to take that in…try to imagine consciousness as you know it without our numbers…or try to imagine a modern computerized world that is running on 1’s and 0’s using something else. Did you know that the numbers we use today [...]

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Karma, Dharma and Jyotisha

Have you ever asked yourself if you were on the right path? Most people question their life direction and personal actions at some point in their lives and are left wondering, what is my purpose? Am I doing what I am meant to do and how are my actions affecting myself and others? Karma is a Sanskrit term which means “action”. In fully understanding action one is able to ultimately understand the Self. In the [...]

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