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Returning Clients

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Vedic Astrology & Hasta Sāmudrika/Palmistry Consultations

These two subjects are virtually inseparable and I like to combine them in all of my sessions.

You Get Both In Every Session!

Comprehensive Natal Reading

For All New Clients

This initial session will give you a detailed view of your life in terms of personality, abilities, life-purpose and direction, strengths/weaknesses, as well as an understanding of where you are now in the flow of time and predictions for what your future brings both short and long term.

Life themes covered can include career/profession, finances, relationship/marriage, family/children, health, education, spirituality, re-locations/travel, etc…and any other subject you care to discuss.

The format for this is session a relaxed dialogue and questions/feedback during the session are welcomed. This is your first session with me and will serve as a foundation for any further work we might do together.

Extended Comprehensive Natal Reading – 90 min

If you want to go deeper or have many questions to be answered, I suggest you take the 90 min session.

Comprehensive Vedic Natal Chart Reading

Follow-Up Sessions and Questions

This consultation is for anyone who has had a natal reading with me already.

Often an initial consultation will bring up further questions, or you are simply wanting to delve deeper into one area of your life, or for whatever reason you simply need more time for questions and discussion.

60 min / 90 min

Vedic chart follow-up

Annual or Semi-Annual Update

Many of my clients come once annually or every 6 months for an update of the current trends in their lives.

In this consultation I will look at the next 6 months or one year of your life in detail with discussion and predictions for the near future.

Vedic chart annual reading

Relationships and Compatibility

Vedic Astrology stands out as a unsurpassed tool for understanding the dynamics and success potential for the relationship between any two or more people. This is not just marriage/romantic compatibility, but also between parent and child, boss and employee, or between co-workers or business partners.

This consultation will give you insight into how you and another interact now and in the future, what your strengths and potentials are and also where the struggles and pitfalls lie both psychologically and practically in everyday life. This is a comprehensive analysis and not merely a comparison of Kutams.

30 Min. Consultation–-If you are already a client and you want a brief/cursory look at your compatibility with another person then you can choose a short session of 30 min.—this is not for someone seeking a marriage compatibility consultation or new clients. Please email me to book a short session of 30 min.

Vedic chart compatibility relationships

Praśṇa or Single Questions

Praśṇa, another limb of Jyotiṣa, deals with a single question or subject matter. Whether you are a new or return client this consultation will focus on a single subject such as “will I get the job?”, or “is this the right choice?” etc…

I may need to take the question and then call you back after examining the situation or we may handle it in the moment.

Vedic prashna chart

Muhūrta: Choosing an Auspicious Date

A muhūrta is not a consultation – a date is carefully picked and emailed to you.

Muhūrta is the limb of Jyotiṣa that deals with finding the most auspicious and supportive date/time to start an endeavor that we want to succeed in, such as marriage, starting a new business, travel, health procedures, lawsuits, education, move into a new home, website launch, celebrations, etc…

Muhūrta is the capacity to get in-sync with the greater unseen environment for optimization of one’s energy and efforts in any matter one is commencing. A good start is a good finish!

My rate depends on the subject matter, how many people are involved and how large a span of dates I have to scan for the event.

My muhūrta‘s are the real deal. I don’t have a computer spit out a formulaic matching – I hand scan and deliver THE best window for your event to take place out of hundreds of possibilities, all within classic and authentic methods.

Typical muhūrta are $150

Marriage muhūrta are $325. This is more as it requires yet another set of filters for a marriage, this is a labor of love for me. I take it very seriously and it can take hours of work to complete.

What I will need from you:

  1. Your date range–the absolute soonest and latest the event can take place
  2. All the blackout dates within that range–including times of the day, that you know are NOT good
  3. Your birth data, date/time/place of birth, or if for a marriage, both parties data. If for a group I need the principal or lead person’s data.

A muhūrta is not a consultation, but if desired we can set up a brief meeting once it is done to discuss how to best implement your auspicious date and time.

Vedic muhurta timing chart

Career & Business

Let’s get down to business!

This consultation will look at your career directions/calling and help you to determine what you are best suited for in life and/or we can focus on your profession from the perspective of how to best position yourself within your field of endeavor.

I have many business clients who consult regularly in order to stay at the top of their game!

vedic career counseling business chart



Āyurveda – Mother of Natural Medicine

Āyurveda, Jyotisha and Hasta are synergistic sister sciences.

In dealing with health issues it is my preference to utilize them as a team for helping you to obtain your optimum health.

However, I do offer consultations solely in Āyurveda and I am happy to customize a session to fit your individual needs.

However, at this time I am not taking patients with life threatening chronic ailments.

Āyurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Better habits, a balanced diet and a healthy daily routine can cure 80% of what ails most people. An initial consultation is focused on hearing your history, understanding your needs and designing an individualized program for you to achieve optimal health both physically and psychologically.

Your individualized program will include, diet, lifestyle, exercise, basic daily routines and herbs/supplements recommendations, along with some basic education in Āyurveda as well.

Follow-ups are tune up sessions to make sure you are still on track and keep you moving towards your goal of a balanced life.

Initial: 60 min or 90 min

Ayurveda and vedic astrology


Vedic Design

Vāstu Consultations

A Vāstu consultation can change the way you live in your home, work in your office, or design your next project! I can help you to achieve a better relationship with your space by making recommendations for change in arrangement, structure, color, and of course, location. Want help deciding which home/property is best for you?

I can do some work remotely via images, videos and Google maps – but most Vāstu is meant to be done “on-site”.

However, many times in the matter of choosing a plot, house, business property, etc… I can be of service at a distance to help you avoid the “lemon” and/or narrow down your potential buying or renting choices.


Remote session over phone and/or Skype starts at $325

Onsite local sessions includes my travel time, 60 min walk through consultation and starts at $400 +200/hr thereafter–email me for Onsite work.

Vastu vedic design

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