Sleep At Last – Where do I Sleep?

It seems every time I teach a class on Vastu a burning question always comes up: where should my bed be? Which direction should I sleep in order to be happiest and finally get the rest I need? Or why I am not sleeping well in my new place? It seems a simple question, but the response that you will get varies according to who is answering. It depends on how someone is approaching the [...]

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Agni -The Key To Health!

What is Agni? The word translates from Sanskrit as ‘fire’, but it is so much more. Instead of being some quaint term from ‘ancient’ India, it is a complex concept encompassing the ability we have as human beings to transform; it is the ability to become, the capacity to grow, the very process of creation. The better our ability to transform what we eat, the air we breathe and the sensual experiences that we encounter [...]

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A Conversation with Steven Highburger

A Conversation with Steven Highburger (From Jyotish Star e-magazine 2014) Charlotte:  Thanks, Steven, for taking the time to offer our readers some insights into your very interesting life, as a practitioner of multiple Vedic sciences.  You have an extremely impressive and comprehensive resume. How did you get started on this amazing and unusual path?  Which teachers are the most important influence in your life? Steven: An unusual path indeed! My journey began by traveling around [...]

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The Origin of Numbers and Consciousness

Did you know that the concept of counting from 1 to 10, which seems so natural and universal, did not exist in most of the world until modern times? Stop for a moment and try to take that in…try to imagine consciousness as you know it without our numbers…or try to imagine a modern computerized world that is running on 1’s and 0’s using something else. Did you know that the numbers we use today [...]

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Vedic Palmistry: Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

It is said that we create Karma, and our consequent destiny, through three means: our thoughts, speech and actions. “By his actions you will know him” is an age old phrase meaning that we can think and say many things, but it through our actions that we show our true nature and manifest our world. It is also said that the hands are the primary means through which we act and build our world. [...]

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