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Vedic Traditions Can Change Your Life!

Make the right decisions using ancient time tested methods

Confused about your path?

Let me help you find your true path!

Discover yourself.

Discover a deeper level of yourself. I have helped 100’s of people find not only their path, but their true calling. Don’t waste any more time!

Looking for your true purpose?

Start with understanding who you truly are!

I can help you.

I can help you understand your potentials and purpose through methods used for centuries. Give yourself a gift of vision.

Is your relationship the one?

Vedic Compatibility is amazing!

Know your partners

Take away doubt! Vedic Compatibility is a powerful tool for seeing how two people will interact based on very reliable, consistent factors.

Get Your Questions Finally Answered…

What are Vedic Traditions?

Check out five power modalities we can use to help you be your best!

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Jyotisha – Vedic Astrology

What can Vedic Astrology do for you?

Jyotisha, the astrology and astronomy of India, has a huge history as a grand, living tradition of divination passed from teacher to student orally for 5000+ years. A sacred art and science cognized by sages and saints, Jyotisha has been used throughout millennia by Jyotishis and yogis, gurus and priests, as a premier tool for mapping the ebb and flow of karma and the movement of time. More….

It can help you be sure of your purpose, your career and your financial outlook so that your present direction is effective.

  • Find out how to unlock your potential through self-insight
  • Get advice on your financial concerns and career outlook
  • When should I start my business? Will it be a success?

It can uncover deep patterning and practical solutions for relationships of all kinds, be they family, love or work related.

  • Discover the reasons for blocks in your relationship and ways to avoid them
  • Get advice on how to make yourself ready for a new relationship
  • Can I have a family, and if so, when to marry or have children?

Hasta Sāmudrika Palmistry

Why use Hasta – Vedic Palmistry?

Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra is the sacred “ocean of knowledge of the signs and symbols of the hand”. It finds its’ origins in the grander tradition of Jyotiṣa Śāstra (Vedic Astrology) and generally in the category of Sāmudrika/Lakṣaṇa Śāstra–-which is the deep knowledge of any “markings/signs”, typically on the body in general (hands, feet, face, etc…), that serve to give information and insight into the character and destiny of an individual. More…

Hasta – Hand analysis is tremendously useful for seeing the personality, livelihood, as well as health issues of a person.

  • Vedic palmistry is exceptional for picking career directions
  • Gives a ‘live’ and always up to date view of you!
  • Hasta is brilliant for relationship work and compatibility

Hasta has always been used in conjunction with Vedic Astrology. The hand shows destiny patterns like the horoscope.

  • All health/healing practitioners can use Hasta quickly and effectively
  • Hasta verifies what is seen in the horoscope and deepens it
  • Gives deeper info on areas that are sometimes unseen in the charts


Thrive with the Mother of Natural Medicine

Āyurveda is India’s ancient art and science of harmonious living which has a history of thousands of years and is still a living and vibrant tradition to this day. “Āyur”, meaning life and “Veda” meaning deep knowledge, Āyurveda is the wisdom of how to live a healthy and balanced life, which is said to be one in accord with natural law.To find balance we must first understand our unique and individual nature. More…

Ayurveda is the oldest tradition of medicine in human history. Ayurveda is the mother of all healing modalities.

  • Ayurveda is wise, easy to understand and very practical in everyday life.
  • It can show you how to get your energy back and stop aging so fast
  • Ayurveda will teach you how to digest better so that you feel better!

Ayurveda is a sister science to both Yoga and Vedic Astrology – Jyotisha. Together they support all life and work synergistically.

  • Ayurveda has always been used to support the householder as well as the Yogi
  • A fully holistic system of healing, we strive to heal the person not just the disease
  • When combined with Vedic Astrology it becomes a powerful tool for holistic alignment

Vastu Shastra

Vedic Design – Align Yourself with Nature

Vāstu Śāstra (Vaastu or Vastu Shastra) is the holistic art and science of construction, design and placement. An ancient and sacred body of Vedic knowledge whose principles direct proper orientation between living beings and their environments, Vāstu helps us find harmony within by understanding how to live in harmony without. More…

Vastu is excellent at making your home, office, business or property feel more harmonious and balanced.

  • Find out how even small changes can make a big difference
  • Vastu is about creating order, both in obvious and subtle esoteric ways
  • Fel the difference that a blanced, flowing space can make on your health and prosperity!

Vastu is more than just architectural design, it is the holistic look, feel, shape and flow of structures as well as art, graphics, fashion and more.

  • More than just ‘interior design’ Vastu uses ancient methods in modern ways
  • Vastu can be used in multiple arenas simultaneously to create holistic balance
  • Use Vastu to help you orient yourself in an ever changing modern world!

Sanskrit – Vedic Philosophy

Sacred Language – Sacred Knowledge

Sanskrit is as old as history itself. It holds in its very structure and essence the history of mankind’s greatest discoveries and achievements. From the most mundane knowledge of old world sciences to the most subtle of esoteric philosophies, Sanskrit has been the vehicle, the keeper, of the secrets of the Vedic mind since time immemorial. More…

All mantras, scriptures, prayers and philosophies of south Asia are recorded in Sanskrit. To access their depth and esoteric meanings one should study Sanskrit.

  • I use Sanskrit and Vedic philosophy in every consultation and teaching session
  • If you wnat to know Yoga Sutra, Vedanta, Sankhya, Buddhism, study Sanskrit
  • If you want to properly chant and understand mantras study Sanskrit!

Sanskrit is the mother language of English as well as all European languages. Some knowledge of Sanskrit gives us insight into our own cultural history.

  • Many terms and concepts of modern philosophies stem from Sanskrit
  • Sanskrit gives access to another mindset that cultural imperialism has misconstrued for centuries
  • Even a little Sanskrit knowledge goes a long way!

These five power modalities give you…

Clarity and self-knowledge

Critical info on patterns that block your path to success

A sense of relief and release knowing what is to come and when.

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